• Oh, Oh! Oscar's favorite camp is very messy.
  • "Oscar, the woods shouldn't look like this."
  • "Come on, gang. Let's help Big Bird clean up."
  • Bert found some nifty bottle caps.
  • The girls pick up wood in the beautiful forest...
  • and they build a campfire.
  • Even Oscar thinks the woods look better.
  • Sesame Street's friends begin a day of exploring.
  • Both Grover and butterflies love flowers.
  • The girls help Grover plant a little tree.
  • "Someday our tree might be that big."
  • "Look, Elmo, this is a bird's home."
  • Apples, oranges, bananas, plums, all grow on trees.
  • Colorful fall leaves are fun to play in.
  • Big Bird loves the ocean air.
  • Tide pools are fun for Elmo and Grover.
  • "Gee Bert, this looks kind of fishy."
  • Elmo helps Grover count fish.
  • Even rocks can be beautiful.
  • Big Bird enjoys the night sky.
  • Let's all celebrate our wonderful Earth.

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